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At Hallman Orthodontics our goal is balancing nature and technology to create the optimal smile for you. We look at every patient as a whole to ensure you get all the personalized attention you deserve. Dr. Hallman is a specialist in anatomy, dentistry, and orthodontics, allowing us to provide comprehensive care for your overall health. http://www.hallmanorthodontics.com/ (301)-654-7910

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"Dr Hallman and her staff are always very efficient and personable with my son. I have been taking him there for 2 and a half years now."

Review Verified on 5/15/2015
"Dr. Hallman and her staff are extremely pleasant. She clearly has the magic touch and sense of humor you need to have around children. Her staff is very responsive an adaptable to change of appointments. Using the email to schedule and change is such a plus!!!When I think I have to hold on the phone for over 5 min to get through to anyone in adult medical practices….This office rocks!"

Review Verified on 5/7/2015
"No wait excellent welcome pleasure to come"

Review Verified on 5/7/2015
"Ella got her invisalign last week and you all could NOT have been nicer. So happy we chose to go with Hallman Orthodontics! Everyone working with us was incredibly nice. I think everyone there helped out - which means everyone except the woman out for her son's wedding (some day, we will remember everyone's name!). So, Maria went over paperwork with us, Dr. Hallman went over the cool xrays, Michelle bonded with Ella over their joint love of candy, and Kristen worked on her brackets. Seriously, I'm super impressed with the wonderful atmosphere you create on your team. It made it enjoyable to be there and I'm sure made my daughter 100% less anxious about getting braces. Thanks very much!"

Review Verified on 5/6/2015
"Great place to go and have my kids treated. the office and the staff are welcoming and friendly. They could not be more accommodating if there is a problem. Thank you for continuing to provide us with top notch service!!!!"

Review Verified on 5/5/2015
"A super great appointment! I got seen early and was out in a flash and Dr. Hallman adjusted my retainer to make it much more comfortable. Thanks!"

Review Verified on 5/5/2015
"I was worried about my Invisalign, and even though they makesouth a little sore I know I will like them and I'm glad I got them."

Review Verified on 4/30/2015
"Friendly, efficient staff and thorough review of the various options for addressing the problem. Enjoyable first visit."

Review Verified on 4/30/2015
"Great practice and always friendly courteous staff"

Review Verified on 4/29/2015
"You did a very good job and i wanna get braces"

Review Verified on 4/27/2015

Review Verified on 4/27/2015
"Fantastic team who works well together to give their patients the best care imaginable!"

Review Verified on 4/25/2015
"Very friendly and professional staff! Relaxing office with a great view! Short wait time was an added bonus."

Review Verified on 4/25/2015
"My two daughters left Dr. Hallman's office EXCITED about the orthodontic work they needed done in the coming months. The entire staff there made the girls (and me!) feel comfortable about what was happening that day AND what is coming down the road. Both girls remarked that everyone there explained things to them in a way that made sense. We look forward to getting to know everyone at Hallman Ortodontics better. Thank you!"

Review Verified on 4/20/2015
"10/10-- Welcomed by staff upon arrival! Reception on top/welcome ALL incoming patients- especially children/teen patients with their parents! As one of the adult patients I feel perfectly welcome and experience the best dental care! My questions were all answered and the staff always alert to answer any questions, and know when to delegate to Dr Hallman!"

Review Verified on 4/2/2015
"We were so pleasantly surprised when we met your team. We appreciated being greeted with genuine smiles and the careful way you approached your first visit with Max. Finally, i am happy to have a thoughtful strategy with regard to Max's orthodontics and that your objective was clearly to take good care of him for the long run."

Review Verified on 3/28/2015
"Very pleasant check-up.."

Review Verified on 3/17/2015
"staff is always pleasant - got me in and out quickly! thanks"

Review Verified on 3/11/2015
"Lily had to return the day after her scheduled appointment to have a band or some "attachment" replaced. It was also a dreadful snow/weather day and the office was SO flexible and accommodating amidst what I know was a crazy mess of weather related cancellations and rescheduling. Everyone is always so great. Thanks!"

Review Verified on 3/2/2015
"Great service as usual. Thanks"

Review Verified on 2/26/2015
"I rate them at the very top! Professional and caring."

Review Verified on 12/4/2014
"Dr. Hallman is great! She has been evaluating and monitoring my daughter, using her expertise to provide us guidance on what needs to be done and when without pushing to do things too early or to do unnecessary treatment."

Review Verified on 11/25/2014
"While you and your staff are always lovely, I had to write today because Maria was a real hero for us this week. The day before Jake's appointment, I realized that there was a conflict with his appointment and the grandparent's day event that he and my parents were looking forward to at his school (somehow, the latter was never on my calendar). Assuming that nothing could be done given the late date and the fact that you were very busy trying to get everyone in and done before your vacation, I called anyway to ask. Maria spent what I expect was very significant time re-arranging people so that Jake could come in earlier on Friday and be done in time for the school event. She clearly went above and beyond to make this happen, and we were all extraordinarily appreciative. Jake really needed to come in, so without her help, we would have come to the appointment and missed the school event, which would have been disappointing for Jake and my parents. Thanks again Maria!!"

Review Verified on 11/22/2014
"Dr Hallman and her staff are terrific. They are professional and friendly and efficient. My children have been patients for years and Dr Hallman had done excellent work on their teeth. I would recommend this practice to anyone."

Review Verified on 11/18/2014
"My son has been seeing Dr Hallman for about two years and we are both very pleased with the level of care we have received from everyone in the office."

Review Verified on 11/15/2014
"Going for my annual check-up is always a pleasure. Dr. Hallman has a warm, professional manner that immediately puts people at ease, and her staff, too, is friendly and professional. The atmosphere is tranquil and eco-friendly. Dr. Hallman seems not to over-schedule because there is little wait time in the waiting room and yet the office never feels stressed. I appreciate this! My now-teenaged daughter remembers coming to this office with me when she was little, and everyone's kindness had made such an impression that she stopped by with me yesterday to say hello. I've recommended Dr. Hallman to many people and will continue to do so. My dentist, too, had recommended her highly when I needed braces 11 years ago."

Review Verified on 11/11/2014
"We love Dr. Hallman and her staff! We always have fun at our check ups!"

Review Verified on 11/11/2014
"I love Dr. Hallman and her excellent staff. Three out of four family members have been treated by her, with great results. Patients are treated with respect and warmly greeted; who knew that an appointment at the orthodontist could be enjoyable?"

Review Verified on 11/8/2014
"We have taken both our daughters to Dr. Hallman and her friendly, highly capable staff for more than 5 years. They know their business and make sure to explain everything, step by step, regarding our kids' orthodontic treatment. They are also forgiving when we are stuck in traffic and harried to make our appointments! Thank you!"

Review Verified on 11/6/2014
"Our family has had a relationship with Dr. Linda Hallman's practice for 9 years. She and her staff, especially Kristen and Maria, have made our special needs son feel welcome. They have always been finely attuned to his sensory and anxiety issues. Their approach is steady and always positive. I recommend the practice without reservations. 10 stars!"

Review Verified on 10/9/2014
"The office is very nice and they have tea on the front desk."

Review Verified on 10/5/2014
"very helpful! good advice"

Review Verified on 9/29/2014
"Can't say it enough, but Dr Hallman is the best!"

Review Verified on 9/27/2014
"I haven't gotten an applience yet, but I'm sure my teeth will look great!"

Review Verified on 9/23/2014
"Wonderful experience with staff. Went out of their way to make our 7 year old comfortable with the whole experience. Dr. Hallman extremely professional, warm and knowledgeable."

Review Verified on 9/23/2014
"As always, I receive the best dental/orthodontic care in the area! From the admin staff to the other dental professionals, I have never had cause/doubt that I would receive care/service that was lacking or unprofessional! YOU always exceed my expectations! Thanks again! Respectfully, Victor Salamanca MD MPH"

Review Verified on 9/20/2014
"Dr Hallman, YOU and your great staff are the best!!! I will always be grateful I was referred to you when the military was not sure about what to do with my case! (Adults with braces can be a challenge for obvious dental health reasons! Bragging rights are rightfully YOURS!! Respectfully, Victor Salamanca PS I trust NOONE with my dental/orthodontic care!"

Review Verified on 9/20/2014
"As always my visit was like "catching up" with family. I always feel welcome and a BIG thanks to the Hallman team for being accommodating and understanding (DC traffic---need I say more)! You all are great!"

Review Verified on 9/18/2014
"Great practice! Great service..love it here!!"

Review Verified on 9/3/2014
"my daughter was very apprehensive about this visit but Dr. Hallman and her staff made it very easy. She especially loved the games and quizzes to keep her occupied while waiting for pictures to download and consultation ."

Review Verified on 8/28/2014
"this was our first visit with Dr. Hallman and her staff. They took pictures of my son's teeth, reviewed brushing and we had a prelimiary discussion about future care and follow up. Dr. Hallman is a big baseball fan so she and my son had an immediate connection. she was very thorough but also spent time with my son so that he would be comfortable with her before she began her exam."

Review Verified on 8/28/2014
"Super impressed with your practice. Everyone was very organized and efficient!"

Review Verified on 8/17/2014
Reviews 85 - 126 of 279

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